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1971 Pontiac Grand Prix. Production: 58,325 units.
      The 1971 Grand Prix promotional catalog told its readers that " don't mess with a classic. Refine it maybe, hone it. It's just that we take our refining and honing very seriously..."
      Fortunately, the promoters were right. While the 1971 Grand Prix was not a complete redesign, it was not a botched-up afterthought, either. All too often, when designers try to "improve" an enlightened design, they destroy its harmony, even to the point of grotesqueness. Pontiac's changes to its G-body not only gave it a more formal look, its styling was a bit more consistent with the full-size Pontiacs, which no doubt helped them as well.
      Up front, the dual headlight arrangement was replaced by a single headlight treatment and a larger, vertical slatted grille. The grille tied in well with the twin-tiered bumper. The signal lights remained on the leading edge of the front fenders. Likewise, the rear end design was updated for the formal look. The decklid was "sculpted" into a modified boattail design, and the taillights were set into the bumper, which also carried the sculpted motif.   NEXT >


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