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1972 GP, Anaconda Gold, left front"The 1972 GP marked the end of the long hood/short deck design..."
1972 GP emblem & headlamp1972 GP, right rear

      The 1972 GP was an almost complete carryover from 1971, and marked the last year for the John DeLorean long-hood/short-deck design. An all-new GP was scheduled to appear this year, but the infamous autumn 1970 strike forced Pontiac to carry over the same version for another year with very minor trim differences. The most noticeable change was the revised grille treatment, which used fine vertical slats accented with horizontal ones. It gave the car an even more formal look than before.
      Production of the 1972 GP rose sharply, to 91,961 units, due partially to that year's economic recovery.
      One "paint and upholstery" show car was built, called the Edinburgh Grand Prix. It was a dark color with a dark interior. It differed precious little from a production Grand Prix, aside from light-colored pinstriping, wire wheelcovers and contrasting light-colored interior piping. As far as what the actual colors of the car were, no one seems to remember, and only black-and-white photos of the Edinburgh exist. John Sawruk seems to think that it was either black or dark brown, which was quite popular at the time.
      In the third and final installment of HIGH PERFORMANCE PONTIAC's history of the Grand Prix, we will pick up with the 1973 edition, wade through the GP's dark ages, and take you right up to the newest generation of Pontiac's luxury performer.   NEXT >


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