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SPACIOUS TEMPEST TRUNK drew bouquets from some owners in spite of the position of the spare, which takes up considerable room. The luggage "lift distance", 27.7 inches, is almost desk height. Sign calls your attention to transaxle fluid filler

ADDITIONAL POWER of the Tempest optional V8 engine costs most owners a full four miles per gallon of gas. And while low-compression Fours take Regular, the V8 demands Premium fuel. In town most owners got 17-18 m.p.g. with Fours, 13-14 with V8s

CLEAN, UNSPANGLED STYLING got the approval of Tempest owners, but they also reported on the small bumpers' obvious shortcomings. Note the camber of the inside rear wheel as the weight shifts outward in cornering. This reduces tires' grip

APRIL 1963
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