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      "I like the simplicity and small amount of chrome." —Michigan merchant.
      "It's the best-looking compact car on the highway!" —Michigan miner.
      "It has everything the T-Bird has-sports car styling, bucket seats, console shift and tasteful color arrangements." —California typist.
      "The power of my V8 is fantastic!" —New York salesman.
      "It (V8) has the power to go when you need it such as crossing a street through heavy traffic." —Florida grocer.
      "I like the V8's tremendous pickup in passing and taking off." —Oklahoma mason.
      "The 326-cubic-inch engine really has punch when needed, and the pickup is great (from 0 to 60 m.p.h. in 8.2 seconds)." —Illinois insurance man.
      "Comfortable bucket seats are excellent on long drives." —Washington engineer.
      "It gives you a smooth ride." —New York printer.
      "It has plenty of room inside, yet it is small enough to park in crowded business district." —Wyoming rancher.
      "It's a perfect size for city driving." —Massachusetts secretary.
      "I really find the all-over size of the car a great convenience." —Texas teacher.
      Not everything is hearts and flowers, of course. Here, listed in order of frequency, are the first five items on the owners' complaint list:
      "Uses too much fuel for a four-cylinder car." —Pennsylvania teacher.
      "The gas mileage is not quite as good as expected from a compact car, (I have the 326-cubic-inch V8 engine with 13 miles-per-gallon overall)." —Arkansas college instructor.    NEXT >
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Everything, that is, but the same price tag!
Or when you're entering an expressway
Pontiac has followed the hot rodders' lead, putting a big-car engine in a small car to make it GO!
Wonder where he finds a crowded business district in Wyoming?
That's because they're big cylinders, ma'am! In point of fact, Tempest Four's displacement (194.5 cubic inches) is greater than that of most of compact sixes

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