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      Some of these owners who buy one Catalina after another and say they never have any trouble better not have: They trade in every year. Typical are an Indiana banker and Illinois salesman. A second Illinois salesman says, "This is my third Catalina in as many years." A North Carolina construction foreman says, "No complaints; this is my sixth since 1962." Some folks do skip a year here and there: "I've been driving a Catalina since 1958. I've owned a '58, '60, '62, '64, '65, '66 and '67," says a New Jersey salesman.
      But, equally satisfied with their Catalinas are owners who don't nonchalantly dump the old car every time they hang a new calendar. An Illinois farmer says, "We have 105,000 miles on our '63 Catalina with no repairs on motor other than fuel pump, plugs, points and cleaning the automatic choke."
 He's still got it. It's one of two other Catalinas in addition to his '68.

HANDLING PRAISE refers mostly to ease of turnpike driving, but owners also like the handling in hard turns

      An Alabama secretary had only 90,000 miles on her '63 "with practically no upkeep" before she traded in for a '68.
      No use talking about all those other typical owners who tell us they keep their car the usual three years, driving it the usual 10,000 miles per year before they, as usual, buy another Catalina. It makes dull reading.
      Catalina styling, to many owners—40 percent in fact—is one of the best things about the car. Nevertheless, one aspect of the car's design is on the most-wanted list—most owners wanted it changed. The Catalina's "beak," as a Maryland machinist calls it, is for the birds.
      "Strange looking front bumper," says a Nebraska funeral director. "I think Pontiac has had bulging front ends for too long. The '68 is, by far, the worst." —Wisconsin service station owner. "Projection of center front may be stylish, but it's a hazard to other vehicles and pedestrians."—Wisconsin clergyman. And, "It's like leading with your chin."—Ohio construction worker.    NEXT >
JULY 1968
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