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      An Indiana bookkeeper had hers "link together and bend the metal strip holding the wiper." A Massachusetts secretary's wipers "were misaligned-damaged windshield within two months and had to have windshield replaced."
      When a timekeeper-clerk in New Jersey bought her Catalina the salesman warned her about fuel mileage. Now, regretfully, she says, "not enough mileage per gallon of gas. I should have listened to the salesman when he told me to buy a Tempest." She gets 10 and 14 mpg around town and on the road, respectively, with her 400 cu.-in. high-test fuel engine.
 Compression ratio of the engine is 10.5:1. That of the identical displacement regular-fuel V8 is 8.6:1. Only eight percent of owners have 428 cu.-in. V8.
      A Louisiana chemical engineer complains that he would like better mileage, and says that his 8.6:1 "does not run properly on regular gasoline. Needs at least a 50/50 mixture of regular/premium gasoline."
      A Maryland plumber says he gets two mpg less with his air conditioner turned on. And a Massachusetts sales technician consoles owners with the fact that the timing of our Catalina survey reflects mileage figures for winter driving, which is somewhat less economical than mild weather operation.
      A Georgia bank officer isn't counting pennies at the gas pump, but he's still thrifty: "I consider it the best investment short of a Cadillac!" * * *
JULY 1968
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