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REAR-VIEW MIRROR position is criticized by some owners, but even bigger complaint is rear visibility

SWEEP OF DASH in gently arcing curve well forward of driver contributes to roominess, say owners
        A New Jersey salesman, in calling for a change, observes that "protruding nose is a menace. Also, metal underneath grille can be damaged easily. Bent mine on a frozen snowbank." And a Louisiana derrick man finds that the "metal under the bumper scars up if you get too close to a high curb."
 The unprotected sheet metal below the Catalina's front bumper also contains the parking lights. Remarkably, no owners have broken them yet, but it's just a matter of time.
      Owners north of the Mason-Dixon line find that it's also just a matter of time before winter rolls around again and their wipers freeze into their cozy, recessed igloos. Furthermore, "Hidden wipers freeze down if shut off even for a minute," says a snow-blind Ohio engineer.
      That's not the only problem. Catalina owners mentioned the wipers under the heading of mechanical complaints because "windshield wipers have hit together and caused fuse to blow," as a Pennsylvania merchant complains.    NEXT >
RECESSED WINDSHIELD WIPERS look good, but many have frozen in place and otherwise malfunctioned
AQUILINE SCHNOZZLE cuts the air way ahead of car. As gentle owners say, it's not car's best feature
JULY 1968
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